Fully Noded

Time: 5 minutes


Fully Noded is a wallet app that uses your own node as the backend. It can be used over Tor for both Bitcoin and Lightning. From anywhere in the world. It also allows you to connect your hardware wallet, such as a Coldcard, to make use of PSBT.

First, download Fully Noded from the App Store. Open the app and press the cog in the bottom right corner to go to settings. At the top you will see the "Node Manager." In this part of the app you can add your node.

Setting up your own node in Fully Noded

You will need these details:

  • Inlog details Bitcoin Core RPC, which is the same as you did here
  • Onion address for Bitcoin Core RPC including :8332, as discussed earlier

After you have entered everything correctly press "Save". With a bit of luck everything will work at once. If not, it usually wants to work after you close the app.